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Human-centered design

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Past projects


RBC: UX Research & Strategy


Smice App: UX/UI Design


Sleep EZ: Webpage Design


About me

If you have gotten this far, I should introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Taylor! 

It's obvious that I love crafting UX, but I'm also a full-time business student at Simon Fraser University. What got me into design was a combination of a longtime interest in psychology and a passion for problem solving and helping people. My childhood dream power is to stop the clock, and luckily, I've found a career that let me have that feeling.

With every projects, I focus on balancing user needs and business goals. My process typically involve heavy research (user, business, market) with rapid iterations. Having worked in marketing, operations, and corporate communication in the past, I can approach problems from multiple perspectives and collaborate with various stakeholders to ensure project success. 


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